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The Hangar Manager allows you without the client restart to change the hangar. Since version 9.12 it is needed to even still be able hernehmen Hangarmods because Wargaming has changed the file structures wiedermal, so no old hangars longer be run without this mod.

Installation: Simply unpack the archive in eueren mods folder.

Ingame can you then by following instructions your Hangar change, as well as a Free-Cam in the hangar use (nice idea for cool Edits)



Here again everything listed:

  • Creating your own hangars during a skirmish by Save the map and tank position
  • Possibility to make separate sound settings for each hangar
  • Jump the hangar by:
  1. Selection window or pressing buttons (back and forth)
  2. random selection
  3. Selection depending on the nation of the vehicle in a tank Carousel
  4. each last known location on the map of the last battle
  • Automatic reading of all installed hangars (with exclusion list)
  • Free cam in hangar
  • private setting window for the keyboard options
  • Thumbnail possible (new in 2.2)


Thanks to goofy67 for the Mod, been small changes made ??by me because he sometimes buggte with me.


For information / assistance message to me or clerk ^^




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    Version 2.3



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V 2.3
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