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V Mod Paket Toolbox V 1.1 mod for World Of Tanks

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I hereby would like to mention in advance - Mods are a matter of taste.
This package corresponds to my wishes for a perfect WOT. Everyone has their views and wishes respected this please. ,
I tried to create a stronger Atmosphere in the game with the help of improved textures, graphics, sound packages, tanks Skinz,
What's my thanks to the many modders forum I think succeeded.
Furthermore, the operation and clarity can be improved in the game and extended. (Jaja WG can improvers there)
But as I said, everything is a matter of taste, so now enough so that here the ......

Try it, just makes a new 0.9.15 folder and renames the old, then you can test the package safely.
This package does not modify original files, it will be packed only 2 additional audio files to the original folder,
but do not bother as there are new and no files are overwritten. These two are for the new timer.
Would appreciate comments, good and bad but not without justification and not only MOD is [edited] or MOD is good, the only way to improve something
All you can anyway not be happy because everyone has their own views (which is also so good).


Mod Package Easy Installer V1.1

This package is located, the mod packet Main File, 3 different XVM ads,

4 Different visors, div. Zoom mods, an extended mini map, div. Damage Panel's
the statistics module, a Recieved Damage Announcer and more.

Mod package Toolbox V1.1


In this package are located, Reichstag Hangar, icons addon Bright wrecked tanks, a

War atmosphere of the hangar, Better chains & rotating fans on the tanks

Foresight Mod (removal of the mist at the edge of the map), Div. to select additional hangars




  • 26 May 17:03
    Version Mod Paket Toolbox V 1.1

    In diesem Paket befinden sich, Reichstags Hangar, Symbole Addon, Helle Panzerwracks, ein
    Kriegs Ambiente für den Hangar, Bessere Ketten & drehende Ventilatoren auf den Panzern
    Weitsicht Mod (Entfernung des Nebels am Kartenrand), Div. weitere Hangars zum auswählen

  • 26 May 16:57
    Version ModPaket Easy Installer V1.1




26.05 2016
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V ModPaket Easy Installer V1.1
World Of Tanks
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V Mod Paket Toolbox V 1.1
World Of Tanks
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