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V 0.9.15 mod for World Of Tanks

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A optimiale compilation of mods that is always tested my tank drivers.


THANK the Ye have done the work and have helped me TESTING !!!


Thanks to the other optimizers which I have recorded in my Mod:








And again Thank you invested so much time for all other users and getting immediate help where to go! ! !


Everything in "res_mod" folder is deleted then the installer START



What's all the Mod-Pack:


-radial Menu

-xvm = XVM 6-dev !!! NEWEST !!!

-Sniper = Self-optimization

-ZoomX Himself optimized

-Carusell 2 lines set

-Top Minimap Where does the other way and final position

-Better Statistics

-Goldmuni Display etc ...



Players ratings WN8

capture Info

-Ingame Time and also in the hangar

-New TankIcon


-Ingame Damage Log

-Sixth Sense Audio Mod and SicFunzler LOGO

- Gunmarks with SicFunzler LOGO

-Advanced Combat evaluation

Calculation to the next and to the next SKILL%

-Tank View Range

-Gold Premium tank intrinsically optimization

-Flaggen Mod who is playing with you

-Arty-Snipermod allowed by WOT



TweakerPlus mod for whoever problems with FPS has easy to install this mod and and further Unignore smoke.


Snipermod --- zoom levels and NO-scroll switch:

Under: res_mods \ configs \ xvm \ SicFunzler \ camera

Set the zoom levels and also NOSCROLL on or off

Def zoom is sure to adjust yet;)


Important TankCarusell:

The settings for the TankCarusell are - \ World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ xvm \ configs \ SicFunzler \ carousel.xc

With the editor under:


"Carousel": {

    // False - Disable customizable carousel.

    "Enabled": true,

    // Scale of carousel cells.

    "Zoom": 0.85, the zoom factor for the rows adjust here)

    // Number of rows at carousel.

    "Rows": 2, (How many rows you want goes here)

    // Spacing between carousel cells.




  • 26 May 08:41
    Version 0.9.15

    Änderungen hier:

  • 11 Apr 14:38



11.04 2016
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